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Improve FPS settings in MLBB with Anonymous PH VIP in tap or so

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March 22, 2021
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Anonymous PH VIP is phenomenal tool to improve gaming experience for the MLBB players while improving FPS up to 120. A low latency network along with an incompatible device might give you a major setback in a game . Basically, a reduced FPS impact a player’s performance negatively. You won’t outmaneuver your opponent until and unless you solve glitches and in-game settings yourself. The more smoothly a game runs on a device over a particular network, the more you have chances to achieves targets and objectives.

When to use Anonymous PH VIP?

MLLB is multiplayer battle arena, where you need to equip yourself with highly effective & lethal weapons and other powerful features. Likewise, you also need to sharpen you own weapons outside the game environment. This include highly compatible device and a fast network. Both in-game features and outperforming device would help you make through different levels. Otherwise, you might end up falling a victim to vicious attacks of your opponent.

After getting everything (network speed, device) right, if you still feel that the game lag issue continues to be there. Then it’s the right time to go for Anonymous PH VIP and the delay issue solved. If you don’t do it now, opponent surely take advantage. Ultimately defeat will be your destiny. So, get things done before someone else overpowers you.

Finally, when you come to know that the delays between your inputs and actions is due the mod apps your opponents are using, then use Anonymous PH VIP on the spot to get back on top of your game again.


Most games depend on framerate for their smooth running. Using Anonymous PH VIP you could just up the FPS for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It may boost FPS from the lowest (30) up to the highest (120). Achieving such highest level is quite remarkable.

Achieving the best possible FPS in MLBB is the the fundamentals of the powerful Anonymous PH VIP tool. However, an MLLB player may also enjoy additional features with this tool.

Additional Features include:

  • Skin Un Locker
  • Full control over Gusion settings
  • Unlock heroes – the characters you will be playing as a player in a game
  • Anti Banning features
  • A pass code needed to log in
  • Enhance heroes gaming capability
  • Give better gameplay experience
  • Free to use
  • Compatible for both Rooted and non-Rooted devices

How to use Anonymous PH VIP?

In order to know about Anonymous PH VIP usage, first of all, you need to download and install it on your Android. When done with download and installations. Open app on your Android device and provide the login details. By default, username is already there you only have to feed a Key (5KPLEASE). So, now it will let you in. Choose the right FPS settings for the game and start playing the game. Believe me, you will be amazed to find the smooth running of the game.

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