DigiSkills LMS APK

DigiSkills LMS

May 3, 2024
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Android 5.0+
DigiSkills ICT Team
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About DigiSkills LMS

DigiSkills is a more advanced digital training program that helps upskill youngsters to become valuable entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and bloggers. The core aim of the program is of course to help people thrive in the digital sphere. Where anyone can broaden their digital knowledge by participating in video lectures, exercises, quizzes, discussions online. therefore, you can enroll to the program through their DigiSkills LMS mobile app or web app to learn new skills and polish existing ones.

The training duration of each of the batch is maximum of 3 months. Each trainee has to choose a maximum of two courses in each batch that mandatory. But, overall there are more than 15 courses being offered. you can take any of the course depending on your interests and background knowledge. The courses include: Web development, Digital marketing, Graphic design, Autocade, AI, Data science and more.

What is DigiSkills LMS?

DigiSkills LMS is in fact, a Learning Management System. It is a platform that empowers you to acquire knowledge or skills through Internet. It would also be correct to call it an online learning forum, where Moderators, Instructors and Students come together to create a learning environment as a community.

Students: They are the registered learners who get access to the content made available in an LMS by Instructors.

Instructors: The Content creators are of course the instructors who can create valuable content about various courses for Students.

Moderators: They provide help to the learners while answering questions and making other information available. They are accessible either via email or direct call.

In general students can access the courses, exercises, and quizzes anytime anywhere. In DigiSkills LMS, a student can monitor his/her progress all through the training courses. If you want to access your performance insights on Android then download DigiSkills LMS apk. It is available on play store for free. In addition, the whole training program is available to anyone free of cost.

Features of DigiSkills LMS app

Since DigiSkills LMS is the #1 platform aims to train a millions of people of Pakistan in the most trending digital fields, so it has to very sophisticated, dynamic and interactive for sure. Let’s now explore some new powerful features of the app and find how convenient it is to use.

  • This mobile app is easy and convenient to use.
  • Enrollment to the digital courses through DigiSkills LMS app is easy. Choose the right course whenever enrollment date is announced.
  • Anyone can enroll to any of the digital course regardless of their educational qualifications.
  • Access to video lectures, exercises and quizzes is very easy.
  • Monitor your course progress right on you mobile phone anytime anywhere.
  • It also supports discussions on demand.
  • Get notified when a course or lecture video is complete.

Expert Opinion

Overall, learning an online digital skill through DigiSkills LMS app is really a magical thing. It allows people from different educational backgrounds connect and learn new things in one place. At the same time, it makes learning more interesting and immersive by offering a variety of new features. Of course these features are meant to keep learners motivated in the process of learning digital skills.