Fail Hard APK

Fail Hard

March 28, 2024
Games, Platform
Android 4.0+
59.2 MB

About Fail Hard

Fail Hard is one of the funny and hard games you would have ever played on your smartphone. As the name suggests, there is no easy way making it to finish. Actually you have to perform all stunts on a motorcycle which is not a child’s play to execute perfectly. There are hundreds of levels and each level offers a set of new challenges and obstacles. Thus play wisely and end up being a master stuntman.

Game mechanics of Fail Hard are easy. Simply accelerate, jump up the ramp, cross over the obstacles collect coins and move forward in the game. While you are in the air get control over the torque, try to maintain balance, avoid unnecessary movements, otherwise, you will crash land on to the ground or into a pond. Obviously, the first attempt of each level tends to be not so good because you can’t complete a level without falling down to the ground once.

Top Features of Fail Hard

This is simply the next level game where you’ll get a totally different location and ramp setup. In this way it become more even more challenging to play. Now give us a chance to walk you through all the amazing features of Fail Hard Game.

  • Thrilling game with more than 600 stunts
  • Collect coins to level up the game
  • Obstacles give it a real touch to the game
  • Use coins to give your bike a boost
  • High quality graphics
  • Amazing ramp setups
  • Jetpack to fly over high obstacles

How to Download Fail Hard APK?

Fail Hard use to be listed on Google Play but it is no more available on this platform. Therefore, you can download Fail Hard apk from other apk markets now. In fact, it is a wise move to get it from right now. Obviously, it will safe quite some time as well. Now when you have the download file install it by allowing the unknow source in the device setting.

How to Play Fail Hard?

Finally you have Fail Hard game installed on your phone. Stick to the simple rules of playing the game: keep right hand on the accelerator and left on the breaks. Take use of Jetpacks in the game helps attain more height and distance. Besides, you can jump in mid air to attain maximum distance.

Expert Opinion

In a nutshell, Fail Hard is really a funny game with powerful graphics and simple controls. If you are very much into platform games then it will be one of the best games to play. Obviously, you will learn to win matches the hard way.