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Servus TV

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May 2, 2024
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Android 5.0+
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About Servus TV

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Looking to explore the world of entertainment and discover the hidden treasures throughout your journey? Install Servus TV app and immerse yourself in sports, movies, documentaries, talkshows and lot more. Liberate youself from the costly monthly and weekly subscriptions and watch content of your likings at no cost at all. Whether you are a passionate about sports or more into films, it is your one-stop destination where you will have access to a wide range of video content.

Watch Sports Live: Live streaming of more than 30 sporting events is surely enough to take your excitement level to its peak. It is easy to follow multiple sports at a time. Live streaming of dozens of sports including: Football, Hockey, Baseball, MotoGP is available in one place. At the same, users can enjoy exciting moments of a match by rewinding it to the previous frames convenietly again. Surely, you will never miss anything exciting. Highlights of matches are always available especially for those who by some reasons fail to watch matches live.

TV & Movies: Get now the best and most famous movies and documentaries to watch on Servus TV app. Undoubtedly, a multitude of documentaries would help enhance viewers knowledge on various topics such as history, science, and more. More importantly various channels offer insights into different cultures, lifestyle and social issues to better understand the world.

Stay Connected & Informed: Channels for news & current affairs that allows anyone wintness the news and events in realtime from Austria. Whether it’s is sportng event, weather forecast or any political development everything on your finger tips now. Servus TV brings news and knowledge straight into you living room. Learn new things and acquire knowledge with knowledge channel anytime anywhere.

Food & Lifestyle: Broanden you knowledge of Austrian lifestyle, traditions and foods, while tunning in to their dedicated live tv channels. Servus TV On might come in handy to learn more about the way of life of people of the region, their skills, attitude, knowledge and behavior toward others.

Register to unlock more possbilities: Improve your experience even further you need to unlock various other features by registering. This way you can customize your home screen according to your own taste. Therefore, register to ServusTV now and enjoy anything you prefer anytime anywhere.